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. we are live where a fire breaks out at a senior care facility, we will tell you why this is not the first time. a truck could cause major problems in the south bay and we will tell you more. and the scare that prompted a large police response overnight. we have a special guest expected today as the kickoff of mac world, it is all ahead january 30th 2013. thank you for waking up with us january 30th, i am pam cook. >> and i am brian flores but the most important question is, steve paulson, how are you feeling this morning? >> i am pretty close to
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declaring victory. thank you pam, and brian, it will be patchy out there and we have sunny skies and warm temperatures, 60s in morgan hill, here is sal. we have a crash on 101 lawrence expressway and we will have more on that coming up but one of the alternates you can use is 280. now we are looking at 237 here and the traffic looks pretty good as you drive so the south bay traffic is light but the crash is northbound 101 in sunny veil. they say it will be there for a while and if i can i want to put up a map in sunny veil. i have circled the area and clearly you can use 280 to 85 to get around the problem and we will talk about this and try and give you alternate roots all morning long. in overnight news, a senior care facility has caught fire
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for the second time in two weeks. it is happening at lakeshore on third avenue. ktvu channel 2 morning news tara moriarty is there with the details of what happened, tara? >> reporter: well, we were inside the building and there is a really strong smell of smoke and a lot of water all over the floor but all of the residents are safely back inside. it all happened shortly after 2:00 at the lakeshore care facility which is off care street and wayne. a portable linen cart caught fire and crews quickly moved it out of the building and contained the fire. >> it contained the fire and did not extend to any of the buildings. it did not affect any of the rests. >> now this is not the first time a fire has happened here. just 11 days ago, residents had to be evacuated after flames
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broke out near the laundry room. residents were forced to live in the hospital until repairs were complete. we understand the cause of that fire was electrical but still no word on the cause of this fire. right now oakland police officers are right here on the scene and they have been asking a couple of questions and they are currently on the phone with the fire department so hopefully we will bring you any new information live with in the next half hour. ktvu channel 2 morning news tara moriarty. also a bomb scare disrupted service, at 11:00 a conductor went through the train and he spotted a suspicious box with wires sticking out of it. he went out of 4th and king street as a precaution. now they determined it was harmless and nobody was hurt. the train was scheduled to head back out but passengers waiting to board were bussed to another
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station for an out bound train. a sheriff's deputy has died. they reported a motorcycle and a car collided tuesday. sheriff's office retiree said eric myrtle is there and the crash is still being investigated. they will continue to patrol the streets of oakland. it is still unclear whether the department will get paid. in november the chp agreed to no costs to the city but that deal is said to expire today. the city and highway patrol is now trying to help. they are due in court and facing charges of false imprisonment, kidnapping and armed burglary. they armed an elderly couple at
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gunpoint, then drove off in the victim's two cars. the three men are also suspects in several other recent crimes. now one suspect is jameses palmer son. he made headlines from four years ago. he and his girlfriend stole his parents' car. it shows a photo of an "a" tm and they found the teens cold and hungry but otherwise safe. this is what happened to a little girl on her way to ice skating practice. last night family members and friends attended a church service in dublin. some 200 people traced the route the 13-year-old took on
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january 30th 1989. they had a somber ceremony. dublin police get tips every year about this candle light vigil, however there are still no strong leads. and another missing trial chase -- missing child case, that home was near the bus stop where cough vend collins was the last -- coliseum kevin collins was last seen near a bus stop. in the meantime, a state lab will test bones from the home and they are believed to be from an animal. a standoff is entering its third day in dale county and they have sent coloring books and medication to the boy. on tuesday, the gunman abducted
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the boy after fatally shooting the bus driver. he is a vietnam veteran and retired truck driver. before the standoff, he was accused of firing at neighbors. hagel a former republican senator from nebraska is expected to face tough questioning on his past comments on israel and nuclear weapons. he is a decorated vietnam veteran but his comments angered many republicans colleagues. president barack obama wants immigration reform to be completed within two months. the president said the only thing standing in the way of immigration reform is politics. president barack obama also told the networks that latino turnout is the driving factor making republicans more open to an immigration bill.
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the president won 71% of the latino vote compared to 27% for mitt romney. many support illegal immigrants. they say they should keep their jobs and even havely get -- eventually get legal residency. there are more than 2 million illegal immigrants living right here in california. it will not take long for people to realize the big game means big business. now we caught up with some 49ers fans and they expect to spend 1,200 thousand -- 100,000. >> $950. >> 950 bucks for a cap?
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>> yes. >> well you owe your folks, don't you. >> finding restaurants with open tables are often difficult. many guests will see their room rates double starting today. and they are teaming up to crack down on counterfeit money merchandise. and they will announce operation red zone to escape football gear. now on the defensive. chris is apologizing after antigay remarks he made on arrayed yes show. we will hear the comments that land had him in trouble and his media response from the 49ers. stay with us for continuing coverage and ktvu channel 2 morning news is bringing you live newscasts and on sunday night after the game, switch to
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channel 2 for the post game show from the big easy. the doors at the center open at 10:00 this morning but at 9:00 a.m. they will open the event and they will talk about how it felt to play steve jobs. they will play i will feet and mac world runs through sunday. several lanes of highway 101 shut down follow a big-rig crash. janine de la vega what can you tell us? >> reporter: well here in the northbound lanes of highway 101 where three lanes of traffic are closed and you can see it is create -- created and we are
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told by chp, it can be seen in the distance and you can see the debris that is off to the shoulder of the road. to get more information we went you tell me what appeared to have happened? >> well for unknown reasons the driver of this big-rig took out 40 feet and in doing that, it disabled the big-rig and also punctured the right fuel tank. >> reporter: were there any other vehicles involved leaking fuel? >> that is a firmed. there is only the big-rig involved. they have lacerations to the face and the fuel was leaking and we are waiting for caltrans
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to clean it up. >> reporter: i can smell the gasoline, it is pretty strong, was alcohol involved in this? >> no that is not involved. >> reporter: so what will happen with traffic, we are waiting for caltrans to arrive? >> yes, we are hoping to open the second lane back up and we will put in a hard closure and the timeframe will be determined on how fast we can get the remaining fuel out of that fuel tank and we will get the tractor and trailer towed off the freeway. >> are you waiting until 6:00 or will it be passed that? >> i am determining it will be passed 6:00 and once the big- rig and trailer is removed there will be a big cleanup we have to deal with. >> thank you so much, i'm not sure how far traffic is backed
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up do you have any indication of that? >> right now they are slowing down the cars for the safety of the fire personnel and our officers, so right now it is us slowing down traffic and i imagine when the morning commute comes through it will impact the morning commute. >> reporter: try to use a different form of traffic, northbound lanes, and south of fair oaks right now, it looks like only one lane is open. it sounds like a still quiet cleanup that will go on and try to take a detour if you can, reporting live janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. 4:41 again that northbound lane on 101, that is going to be bad. let's go to sal and see if
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there are any alternate routes and i am going to show you. that is where the crash it is just below it, 280, use 280 to 85 and the freeways are light. and if this is your commute be, let's say you leave the house in a half hour but i know it is a tall order and if you don't do this, you will be late otherwise. no problems coming into the city and the morning commute looks good on 280 and san jose and it looks good all the way to cupertino so there is your alternate. let's go to steve. well, we had above normal rainfall in december. so we had the third dryest
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january, just under a half inch of rain fell, and 1976 and if you know it, it was a bone dry year. this does not mean it will be dry, we'll see how things shake out. i think january goes down to being cold. it has been a cold front. everything continues to ride up over the north. temperatures 30s and 40s and no breeze really for some, 49 in the city walnut creek, san jose, except for some patchy fog and there is a little bit on the coast. it will be sunny and warm. after a cold start, 60s on the temperatures. and the warmest temperatures are close to the santa clara
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valley. morgan hill, 68 mountain view, 67 and it is another nice day, and it looks good into the week with some clouds early next week. 4:44, a woman rescued from a cliff side after making a 50- foot fall, we will hear from the rescue. and students are now trying to get them to show up to class. we have two lanes closed and because of a truck accident, this will impact your morning commute and we will be back with nor news weather and traffic. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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[ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. . welcome back, people in the southeast are cleaning up after tornados. in virginia, a tornado knocked
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windows out of cars and tossed some u halls around. nobody was seriously hurt but two people died in george. meanwhile a -- georgia. meanwhile a woman and her dog r park officials said the woman was trying rescue her dog when she fell 50 feet below. both were airlifted to safety. we don't know her condition this morning and park officials are urging people not to rescue their pets on their own. a little girl was shot an injured and the officers will play against 8th graders and it is a block away from where the 8th grader was hit during a driveby. the little girl was shot when they missed their intended targets. they are offering students
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incentives. they are reward students who are already showing up for class as well as those who show improvement. they hope to look at donated items from local businesses an offer them as prizes. students say it affects academics. they are closing down a -- an "a" p class -- an a p class because not a lot of people done sign up for it and because there are not a lot of kids who done push for school, they just don't show up. >> the school says their goal is to be 98%. 49er chris will discuss antigay remarks he made on arrayed yes. >> they don't got -- on a radio show. >> they don't got no gay
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people. >> is that true? >> yes that is true. >> he said they reflected thoughts in his head but not in his heart and seeing the words in print makes him realize they are hurtful. he pledges to learn from this. and there is no discrimination at any level and we have and always will support the community and the issue was addressed internally but did not mention well he would be disciplined or fined. chevron must pay over a million dollars after the refinery fire. cal osha is calling 23 of them willful and dangerous. they said they warned the company and found 2000 temporary clamp repairs including some which had been in place for years.
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meanwhile chevron intentionally denies and do not agree with several of the osha findings. let's check back in with sal for a look at traffic. i'm sure you are starting on 101, that is a big mess down there. >> yes, as you drive to the lawrence expressway, a big-rig crashed this morning and lost a lot of fuel. these are live pictures and traffic is being funneled to one or two lanes and this is already causing a big traffic jam in the south bay on 101, one of the major freeways and you need to give yourself extra time. it will make you slow as you pass the scene. extra time needed he is going to be there for a bit. that would be the the nate
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-- alternate rate 280 and cupertino and up to route 85. bay bridge toll plaza looks good coming into the city, oh, there is 280 northbound and that traffic is also looking very good driving through. at 4:52 let's go to steve. well we had a quiet week, cold mornings, patchy fog, mild to warm, offshore breeze even though it is not that warm. santa clara warming up, upper 60s, i think we will level off and highs will be very close to what we had yesterday. upper 60s for a few like mountain view and clear skies except for that patchy fog. we will have a quick look, some are warm, it is a little cooler and i mean we have been colder but january will go down as a colder month and everything else continues to be in check.
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looking for a pat earn check -- pattern check and other areas were in the mid-to-upper 70s and if you were there and said man, it is warm, well it was. it looks good into the weekend and maybe it will be a little cooler next week. coming up, air pollution problem that is rapidly becoming a crisis and how chinese are responding to this public health threat. and it is just two weeks before valentine's day. >2ñlñ@ e@
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. welcome back, emergency measures in china dealing with dangerously high air pollution. 100 factories are shut down and a third of vehicles are ordered off the roads. visibility is so bad that more than 100 flights are now canceled and residents are warned to stay inside and they are now showing levels that are off the scale. los gatos is getting a new home. they left padlocks on the bridges a a sign of romantic devotion and they want them removed and take tonight museum -- them them to the museum.
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meanwhile they plan on cutting all remaining locks tomorrow. sal is checking in on sunny veil, because if you are just joining us, there is a big mess down there. >> yes, northbound 101 at lawrence expressway, we have the freeway down to one lane where there is a lot of the lanes blocked because of a truck accident. traffic is already backing up here and janine de la vega is finding out about what happened and when they will clear it but we can show you it's not good already with this early commute for 101. you can take 285 to get up to mountain view or side roads and it looks good approaching the 880 split. let's go to sal. another mild warm day and everything continues to go up and over and if you enjoyed yesterday's temperatures, we'll see if this carries into the weekend about 7 or 8 minutes.
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coming up, another heated court battle involving marijuana and once again it involves a bay area marijuana club. there is a huge back up and there is a live picture on 101 in sunny veil and we will have a live update when we come back.

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